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HeaT Proofing


Delta coat application by Fatima treatment is a heat proofing polymeric products that works by reflecting the sun rays & reducing the inside temperature of the roof by upto 6-8 degree celsius. Not only on you home will be color also your roof will be restored to its original beauty.


Dealta coat is available in “Quartz White” being our most popular choice and giving you the best heat reflective resul.

  • DELTACOAT simple application technology without dismantling.
  • DELTACOAT reduces the inside building temperature by up to 6-8 degree celcius.
  • DELTACOAT sheet not only protects against harmful UV rays, but also protects against flaking, peeling, water and pollution.
  • DELTACOAT reduces energy cost in summer.
  • DELTACOAT restores roof surfaces, extending the life spam.

Water proofing


DEWCOAT is a Poly-urithene based products which is modified form of Poly-ethelenc, this products is capable to adhere with any substrate, flexible waterproof coating is resistive to carbonation and harzardous products. In the consturction field it is used as an adhesive improver of cementeous mortat. This specific products compound generatcs a non soluble crystalline formation throughout the capillary track of the sturcture, therefore the sturcture sealed / laminated permanently. Water proofing by FATIMA treatment pakistan with canvas sheet guaranties the excellent result and in highly demanded due to its subsequent features:


  • DEWCOAT is a effectively an useful product for the prevention of sulphate, salt alkali reactions, carbonation and other associated threats of seepage & leakage.
  • DEWCOAT for heavy duty floor screeds & floor patching.
  • DEWCOAT polymer modifield cementeous repair mortar.
  • DEWCOAT has bonding power with old cementeous surface.

What it is

DELTA COAT is a water based co-polymer compound containing inert pigments and special filters. It is a one component system ideal for all kind of metal or tiled roofs. Displaying excellent adhesion, it is microporous, impervious to salt spray and air home pollution, mould and fungal resistant and will not flake or peel.


The result

Your building remains cooler under intense sunlight in hot summer
your cooling costs/ electricity bill is reduced
Your remain cool and comfortable in your home.